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7 Best Yaoi manga Romance Drama

Intense love line that will make us want to continue reading I still don’t want it to end.


What’s it like spending your whole life coming in second place? Ask Nam Jinwoo: he’s been living in the shadow of his rival, Ma Sangtae, his whole life. Now the two are even working in the same office. But passion is strange is a strange beast… It can start as envy or hate and turn into something, well, romantic. Before he knows it, Jinwoo’s head is filled with

2. Therapy Game Restart

Shizuma and Minato are officially a couple. But Shizuma—now a resident veterinarian is so busy he barely has time to catch his breath, let alone go on a date. When he finally manages to find time for Minato, the universe intervenes once again, and he learns quickly that his feisty new beau is not to be ignored!

3. sick

Sudou’s living the good life. He’s good-looking, smart and has never had trouble with women, either. Coming from a good family and now enjoying his blossoming college life, things look almost ideal for him, and yet, he’s been picking on an older classmate, Kishi…

4. I Can Do It

For a certain LOL competition, a certain online streamer famous for pissing people off was currently explaining and broadcasting it at the same time. Streamer: “This support, so trash.” Streamer: “If that jungler was my teammate, I would already be idling at the fountain and playing piano for him by now.” Streamer: “I recommend that this player go back and properly practice how to last hit.” Audience: “What bullshit! If you’re any better, then you do it!” Streamer: “Daddy I really can do it.” Audience: “Okokok. If you can do it then I’ll chop off my head so you can kick it.” A few months later, LOL’s veteran pro team TTC announced a new mid laner, Soft. A boy with flashy blue hair appeared in front of the audience and played Zed to utter perfection, killing everyone he saw

5. The Dragon’s Betrothed

Troubled writer Chiharu Izunome reluctantly returns to his rural hometown, hoping some R & R will refresh his creative juices. Instead of finding respite, he’s quickly entangled by an old promise to wed a local god! Rin, the water dragon god to whom Chiharu has been betrothed, can be disarmingly friendly and charming, but inside lurks an animalistic ferocity. Knowing that he can’t escape Rin’s protective embrace, can Chiharu make himself fall in love with the god instead?

6. Lost in the Cloud

Skylar has a secret hobby – taking photos of his crush, Chan-il. But when Cirrus stumbles upon Skylar’s cloud storage with its impressive collection of Chan-il’s photos, things escalate pretty quickly. At first confident his secret is safe with Cirrus, Skylar continuously finds himself in compromising situations, making him question Cirrus’ true motives.

7. My Way with You

Some wounds are slow to heal. Giran’s been alone ever since his grandmother died, and he has no intention of letting anyone into his life. But one day, out of nowhere, he meets an exceptionally pretty face…who’s also exceptionally good in bed. This one-night fling turns into something more when Giran finds out that his meeting with Seon-gyeong was more than just a coincidence. The two have similar pasts that are stained with painful losses. Trauma can be all-consuming, but every walk through life is made better with someone by your side.

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